Roof Repairs

Roof repairs from the smallest of jobs (One Tile to major roof overhauls).

Common roof repairs are slipped or missing roof tiles or slates due to wind damage or accidental damage caused by other tradesmen window cleaners, TV Ariel installers etc.. These roof problems can easily be rectified by removal of damaged tiles and replacing with new.

Problems can also occur due to the cement mortar mix between ridge, hip and gable end tiles becoming defective due to age, this can allow water ingress.  The the old crumbling mortar can be removed between ridge, hip and gable end tiles and then the re-bedding of existing tiles with a 3-1 sand and cement mix is the best way to solve this.

Quite often water ingress will not be evident internally when tiles have slipped or fallen but damage to roof batten and timber rotting can occur if left untreated.

We recommend to do a visual inspection of your own roof at least once a year things to look for are slipped or missing roof tiles/slates, gaps in cement mortar to ridge, hip and gable end tiles, heavy moss growth and leaking gutters. Also lead flashing can split if not fitted correctly and the cement work where the lead meets the mortar joint can quite often fall out.