Chimney Repair & Leadwork

Three Counties Roofing specialise in all aspects of lead roofing from lead flat roofs, lead box gutters, chimney lead flashings and stepped flashings to vertical lead cladding to dormers and more.

Lead has been used in roofing for hundreds of years and is an old traditional roofing method. It is now widely used in roofing in many aspects as it can give a modern appearance if desired as well as the traditional look in older properties. Lead is a very malleable material which can be manipulated with hand tools, lead dressers and hammers in to many shapes and intricate areas, with modern techniques lead can be cut and welded into most areas. Its very durable and comes in many thick nesses.


Code 4 lead is 1.8mm thick
Code 5 lead is 2.24mm thick
Code 6 lead is 2.65mm thick
and so on up to Code 10 lead.