Moss Removal From Roof Tiles

Reasons For Carrying Out The Work

Three Counties Roofing will clean and remove roof moss and then apply a roof moss cleaning treatment. This is a friendly fungicidal moss treatment and is designed to help control roof moss and slow down any re-growth. There no point clearing gutters if the roof is covered in moss and has been neglected. Cleaning your roof of moss is not difficult or expensive and with the right treatment it will help prevent the need for gutter clearing, gutter repairs and upvc cleaning.

Heavy moss growth on roof tiles retains moisture on the roof and between tiles in very cold conditions this moisture will freeze and damage can be caused to roof tiles shalling or cracking in old properties.All this moss is extra weight on the roof especially when very wet which can cause structural damage to roof timbers.Moss growth causes problems with a build up of additional plant growth on roof tiles as it is not easily washed away in heavy rain due to the moss and gutters get blocked more frequently.

This work can be done in a number of ways but we only use and recommend Method One below.

Method One

Erect access equipment to work height. Remove moss from roof tiles with wire brush or metal scraper this method removes 99% of the moss and causes no damage to the roof tiles, it is not a too messy an operation to carry out. Finally we would sweep the roof down with a hand brush to remove grit and any remaining plant growth then apply a fungicidal wash treatment to kill moss and lichen.We can apply a tile sealer this does not change the colour or appearance of the roof tiles.

Method Two

Brush down roof with stiff broom or hand brush this method can be used on some types of roof tiles the finish result is never as good.

Method Three

Remove moss from tiles with pressure washer this method dose remove all moss and roof can look very clean but damage is done to the roof tiles as the pressure washer can remove granular resin coating from roof tiles so tiles end up being porous and can look plain concrete gray in colour and this method is very messy and down pipes can get blocked due to the amount of water and moss coming down gutters.