Single Ply Roofing

Bailey Atlantic Polyolefine Roofing Systems

Its non toxic and you do not use hot bitumen boilers and buckets, there is no danger to  the building or occupants whilst its being installed. This means it can be installed whilst a building is occupied, for example in schools during term time or offices without disrupting the business.

Once installed the membrane is safer in use than many other membranes as it is non-slip even when wet.

Bailey Atlantic’s comes in grey, red or green, with other colours to order, means that, coupled with its flexibility, it can be used for complex roofs in a wide variety of projects instead of more expensive materials.


Bailey Atlantic is the ideal solution for roof renovation as it allows trapped moisture to escape plus:

Extremely tough and durable

Highly resistant to damage

Rapid installation

Thermally stable -40C to 130C.

Energy efficient

100% recyclable

Root proof

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Laying Single Ply Roofing
Single Ply Roofing Systems

Long Life Expectancy

Laboratory tests indicate a life expectancy of in excess of 40 years, depending on roof construction. Even after 10 years’ exposure to UV, Bailey Atlantic’s properties are virtually unchanged from when laid. As the material is always weldable, accidental damage repairs and alterations can be carried out even years after installation.

This is good evidence of the membrane’s weathering resistance and further confirms the long life that can be expected from Bailey Atlantic.